Flashmagazine Flash CS4 Review

What’s new, what’s hot, how does it look like, how will the new features change and improve your workday? Flashmagazine’s David Vogeleer takes a close look at the new CS4.

UPDATE: Flash CS4 and the entire CS4 family of software is now shipping. Click here for details.

As with all former releases, Flashmagazine brings you an early look at the new software as well as our opinions on the new tool. As with our former reviews, this Review is more like a Preview since it’s based on pre-release software, but it will still cover all the new features. Since the review was posted this morning, we’ve added nice, fullscreen images to the article as well. Click here to open the Flash CS4 (P)review.

To see more of CS4, join in on Adobe’s CS4 presentation in just one hour and while you’re waiting, read up on the new Adobe Flash CS4 website. It’s still early when it comes to community feedback, but Aral Balkan is quite unimpressed with the new CS4 logotype as well as the geographical pricing. Jen DeHaan was formerly on the documentation team at Adobe. Now she’s published a blog focusing on the newMotion Editor and tweening possibilities. Well worth a read!


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